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1st Party Cookies

The Electric Cable Company (GB) Ltd uses 1st party cookies on its website which enable the website to store basket items, they do not store any personal data.

The 1st party cookies we use will expire after 24 hours.

3rd Party Cookies

The Electric Cable Company (GB) Ltd uses Google analytics and cookies in order to improve our service, user experience and to analyse how the website is used. Aside from approximate location (IP Address), the information collected by Google analytics is mostly anonymous traffic data including browser information, device information and language

We do not collect additional information such as age, gender, interests or bank details. The collected information is used to provide an overview of how people are accessing and using the website. It is not used for any additional purpose, such as to profile those who access the website.

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Cookies on this website

We use cookies on this site to enable us to store items in your basket. To do this we need your permission to use cookies.

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